Blueberry Growers Field Day & Trade Show

                      Blueberry Growers Field Day & Trade Show

Blue River Farm

Covington County, MS      

   Pre-registration Deadline October 1

October 10, 2013


The 2013 Blueberry Growers Field Day & Trade Show will be held 8:00 AM, October 10, 2013 at Blue River Farm in Covington County, Mississippi


You are invited to attend the 2013 Gulf South Blueberry Growers Association Blueberry Growers Field Day & Trade Show. This Field Day will be an excellent opportunity to see blueberry management and production techniques and learn about innovative ways to plant and produce blueberries. Blue River Blueberry Farm, located at 1876 Highway 532, Mount Olive, MS 39119, is a 60 acre, highly successful blueberry farm. It is an excellent example of how good management, close attention to detail and innovative ideas can result in vigorous plants, high yields and the production potential expected from a well-run blueberry farm. All phases of blueberry production are involved including planting, establishment, maintenance, harvesting, grading, packing and shipping. Tours will be conducted, equipment demonstrated and we’ll discuss the techniques used to manage this productive blueberry farm.

The program for the day is designed to highlight the innovative things that contribute to the farms’ success. We will discuss these practices in a concise program. However, we will not spend a lot of time with formal talks. There will be plenty of time for visiting with the exhibitors at the Trade Show, examining equipment and products, discussing blueberry production practices with fellow growers and touring the Processing Facility and Farm.

Trade Show

The 2013 Blueberry Growers Trade Show is shaping up to be one of the best we have had to date. Exhibitors from all over the United States will be on hand with equipment, supplies and products to make your blueberry operation more efficient and productive. Here is a preview of some of the Exhibitors who will be present at the Trade Show.

Littau Harvesters, Inc. and BEI International Harvesting Equip. will have their latest blueberry harvesters on display and factory representatives will be present to discuss these harvesters with you.

Representatives from A&B Packaging, Lakewood Processing Equipment, BBC Technologies and WECO Sorting and Automation will be on hand to discuss blueberry grading and packing equipment.

Cascade Wind Machines, the Orchard-Rite Wind Machine distributor will be on hand to discuss how wind machines can protect your crop from late spring freezes.

Brewt Power Systems will be on hand to demonstrate pneumatic pruners and an efficient and economical harvesting system for small farms.

Southern Tractor, Watts Brothers Tractor Company, Equipment, Inc./Bobcat, Laurel Yamaha, Chemical Container Sprayers and other equipment dealers will be on hand with tractors, equipment, sprayers and implements to help with establishment of new plantings and maintaining your current acreage. Professionals with these companies will be on hand to demonstrate the equipment and answer your questions.

Representatives from Poly Drip and Irrigation Mart Irrigation Companies will be on hand to help you with your irrigation needs and help design an efficient system to apply water and fertilizer to your blueberries that will accommodate your fields and water source.  

Representatives from Delta Ag, Helena Chemical Co., Agri AFC, LLC, Graco Fertilizer Co. and Natural Forces, LLC will be on hand to discuss fertility and crop protection products as well as other horticultural supplies to help maximize your blueberry yields.

A representative from Thunderbird Plastics will be on hand to discuss lugs, pallets and fruit handling techniques to get the fruit from the field to the grading line in good shape.

Monte Packaging, Century Corrugated Container, Southland Container and FormTex Plastics Corp will have representatives on hand to discuss packaging options and products that can help you fine-tune your marketing and sell blueberries to more lucrative markets at higher prices.  

H2A Complete LLC will be on hand to describe how to acquire and manage legal, efficient, hardworking labor.

Ambers Blueberry Nursery and Island Grove Agricultural Products will be on hand to discuss blueberry varieties and help you with your plant needs.

Dr. Justin Tuggle will be on hand to discuss blueberry cultural practices, problem diagnosis and ways to achieve vigorous growth and increased production.

This is an impressive group of exhibitors and the numbers are growing. They will be on hand with the very latest in equipment and supplies to make your farm more efficient, productive and profitable.

Please pre-register, if you plan to attend the Field Day. Grower registration is $20.00 per member. Please fill out and return the enclosed registration form by October 1. You can pay your dues when you register and your membership will be paid through December 2014. Join the Growers Association as a farm or family and your family members or employees can all register as members.This will be a very productive day. Lunch, drinks and refreshments will be provided. I hope you will be able to attend.

Directions to Blue River Farm – The farm is located between Mount Olive and Hot Coffee, MS on Highway 532. The address is 1876 Highway 532, Mount Olive, MS 39119

From U.S. Highway 49 at Mount Olive, turn East on Highway 35, cross the railroad track and bridge, take a right on Highway 532, travel 9.3 miles, Blue River Farm is on the Right.


From Laurel, turn West on Highway 84 and travel 16.6 miles, turn North on Highway 532 just past Leaf River Bridge, Blue River Farm is 6.5 miles on the Left.

From Collins – turn East on Highway 84 and travel 10.4 miles, turn North on Highway 532, Blue River Farm is 6.5 Miles on the left.

The phone number at Blue River Farm is 601-797-3896, if you have trouble finding it.

If you have questions about the Blueberry Growers Field Day and Trade Show contact John Braswell at 601-795-5558 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you

John Braswell, Ph.D.

Executive Secretary

Gulf South Blueberry Growers Assoc.